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Looking for trusted builders in Cork? Look no further. Top Knot Construction is here to cater to every type of construction need.

We cover all aspects of building construction and renovation, house extension, carpentry services, attic renovations, and others.

Houses often need renovations. Or, you may want to extend a portion of your house to increase the available space. In such cases, you may find our services handy.

Not only do we cater to every type of building renovation, but we also make sure to complete the task within the stipulated time.

Our high-quality construction services in Cork have earned us a good reputation, and we have a long list of satisfied clientele to affirm that.

Building is a popular industry; thus, there are many building contractors in Cork. Hence, it’s challenging to decide which builder is best for you. Here, at Top Knot Construction, we provide services for every type of construction need and are your best choice because:



Our services are genuinely versatile. If you are searching for home renovations in Cork, then we are your best choice because we can and do build and renovate every type of construction and are specialists in all aspects of building work, including carpentry and plastering.


Competitive prices

Yes, construction work can be demanding. Both in terms of labour and costs. But we believe everyone has the right to own their dream property. Hence, we keep our charges very competitive so every household can afford the best construction services in Cork to build their dream home within their budget.


Timely services

Here at Top Knot Construction, we believe in reliability. You would not want to hand over your construction work to a builder who would take forever to complete the task. Hence, at the onset of every task, we stipulate a time within which we would complete the task. Accordingly, we create a schedule where we sketch out everything to be done and follow it rigorously to make sure your extensions & renovations in Cork are completed in time.


Trained Staff

We are proud to have a very trained staff at our disposal. All our staff are not only experts at what they do but are also very friendly, polite, and ready to assist you in any way you can.

Thus, you can always rely on Top Knot Construction for the best construction services in Cork. The range of services we provide, along with the competitive prices, is unmatched, and you can rely on us for the finest construction services in Cork. Think construction. Think Top Knot Construction.